Hey Chaos

I’m thinking of you…. Ha what’s new? I hate it here without you, but you know that. Yesterday was 11 months since you’ve been gone… hard to imagine… & I’m supposed to carry on how many more years without you? Sheeeeeeeesh. Lame Af. 10/27/21 seems like just yesterday. What a awful day. I can’t believe you left us. You took part of me with you. I’m not myself… I’ve been achieving so much, and making your story and name known; but I’m still not me. I’m giving my life away to have yours live on. Being distracted by this fight for better resources keeps me busy.. until I’m here, left in the silence of my room moping and crying over you. I don’t have anyone to call who gets me like you did…. All the things. I wish you were here. Forever going through pictures of you, repeated voicemails. What’d I’d do to have you on the line again…. I’d never hang up.
Life sucks with you.
Your lil sis,
Xoxo cmF

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