Happy birthday

Hey. It’s almost been 2 years since you lost your battle with depression and obviously you’ll never see this or know, but you would have been 28 today if you’d stuck around and I feel I should acknowledge it somewhere. We all miss you so much. I wonder what you would have done today. It’s obviously really late, but happy 26th birthday. It will haunt me forever that I forgot to wish you a happy birthday the last one you were alive for and that you were so alone for it and had this plan already in place. Two years ago you were sitting alone somewhere. Had you already ordered the poison? Did you know which motel you’d go to? Did you know how much we loved you? That depression runs in the family and we could have talked and held on together? That dad, our brother, and I all have that empty void and were just figuring shit out one day at a time too? Did you know that you weren’t alone?

I love you even though you aren’t here anymore and I had to get this off my chest even though you’ll never know…

Love, Your big sister

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