From Your Little Sister (SiblingsSurvivors Guest Post)

My brother was my only sibling and 4 years ago, he hanged himself. He was 55. I knew he was having business worries, but never imagined he would leave his wife, daughter, our Mum and me. I wrote a poem for his funeral……
My big brother, was always there
Life’s ups and downs, we’d often share
My first memory of you, you were being a pain
Playing giddy up horsey with my reins
You taught me how to ride your bike
Introduced me to rock music, which I still like.
At school your giggly fan club, would tip me the nod
So I had my own protection squad
When I gave a prospective boyfriend, a goodnight snog
You chased him down the road, with our old dog
Your future seemed set with pastures new
Looking forward to happy days with your girls too
But now you’re gone and I don’t know why
All I can do, is sit and cry
I love you more than you’ll ever know
I can’t believe you had to go
As I watch the sun rise, it’s you I see
Please remember, give Dad a kiss from Mum and me

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