From Womb to 39

Subject: From Womb to 39
We shared the same classes, friends, cars, jobs…I am clueless how to do life without you. I’m now a twineless twin, after 39 years.9 months have passed, time is standing still and moving too fast. Half of my DNA, heart and soul were roughly ripped away from me on 3/17/23…The day both of us died. Physically, only you.

This pain is far too intense. The antidepressants take the edge off a little.

I’m so sorry we had such a tough upbringing and depression ended up taking your life. I could never ever be mad at you for leaving me. I was there first hand to witness everything in your life that brought you to that moment in the woods.

We had such big plans. I’ll try to keep them going alone.

Sis, I love and miss you more than I could have never imagined. I will find you one day, wherever you are. You will always be my #1!

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