Do I continue the lies?

On Christmas Day my 47 year old sister decided to take her own life. No note, no warning. She lived with my mother and her 3 sons. My mother found her on the 26th.
The autopsy report finally came in a few days ago and it was a drug overdose of over 120 Prozac pills and Sudafed. At least we now know. Problem is that I and my mother are disagreeing about what to tell people. I believe in the truth. She wants to protect my sister’s image while I would love to do that my sister left us with 3 devastated young men and a legacy no family should have to bear. Her children have not seen the report and only myself and my mother know the truth. She had the autopsy results for 2 months and never told me. I finally requested a copy for myself to see what the cause was or if it was something congenital since I could barely sleep for fear of never awakening.
My mother has already started telling relatives that she had cervical cancer and that is what took her. She did not have cancer nor did she even have a cervix, she had it removed in a total hysterectomy years ago. I am so angry with my sister and I am at a lost on how to stop these lies or if it will just do more damage if I even try.

3 thoughts on “Do I continue the lies?

  1. I’m so sorry. My mom and I disagree as well, although our family knows. I’d like to be able to share freely my experiences for my own therapy and for others. Maybe try going to family counseling with her and see if you can come yo a solution together. I’m very sorry for your loss.

  2. I too am “supporting” some lies to protect my 20 year old nephew around my brother’s past and I feel like I need to get it off my heart so that I can be free form the bondage that I allow it to create for me. My mother refuses to talk about these lies and as I try to build a relationship with my nephew, His anger at the world makes it impossible to let the truth be known. My brother took his life Feb 20th on our mother’s 70th birthday. It’s all so wrong and unfair. The dysfunction of our family continues on and I just want it all to be out so we can heal. I have no answers but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.

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