Dear boog

Four weeks today. I know how much courage it took because I have faced those same demons myself. They talk to me alot. I cannot imagine the courage this took. I wish you had chosen a different path and called me one last time. I don’t understand why you did it there knowing mom and dad would be there to find you. That kind of makes me mad. Jerry is sorry for how things ended between you two. Dale did a wonderful job at your service…so did daddy. You would have been proud. Mom got her a dog and I th i k it keeps her mind off of it. I wish you had not did this. Right here at christmas. You could have tried to get off the beer and pills and tried to start over. I know some lady in McMinnville who is quite devastated over you. I love you boogie. Help me to keep the demons away. I prayed to God that he would take you. Junah looks just like you….dad gave him your tackle box and poles…I am going now. I love you.

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