Bad days outweigh good days.

My younger brother hung himself 6 weeks ago, he was 58. He had 6 sisters, I was the closest in age to him. I have no siblings close in age now.
I thought I was handling this but now the bad days are more frequent.
He left behind a wife and four boys and I cannot imagine how they are coping.
It seems like my friends just don’t get it or think you should have moved on by now. That is okay as I don’t need them, just sad, sad days.

One thought on “Bad days outweigh good days.

  1. I’m sorry about what you’re going through – that sounds like a difficult situation.

    My brother also took his life on April 27th – some days I feel like crawling up in a dark hole and staying there. I felt like I could only help myself and for the most part that’s true – only you can find reasons to get out and stay out of that space. Stay connected and kia kaha x

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