My brother was sixteen when he ended his time on earth a mere two weeks ago. Currently I feel so much anger (much of it I have voiced, no I don’t feel regret for voicing my anger at those who played a huge part in this). I feel hatred towards those who could have helped him, who KNEW he had a history of attempts. To those who are now pretending to have been the closest to my baby brother when they and I both know they are lying through their teeth. I feel so much anger and people have told me I will feel regret saying things to certain people , but I can’t see it. I can’t feel anything but the burning rage of having lost my brother and people lying and creating a false reality.

One thought on “Anger

  1. I know the feelings, I have had the same ones since my brother took his life four months ago. The anger eats you up from inside, it’s awful. I highly recommend you talk to a therapist as soon as possible, this is a trauma that needs to be treated. Take care of yourself.

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